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Our investigative team finding's bridge the gap to de-mystify the foods we grow, select and serve to our families. Did you know that some spices serve to heal the body? Know which ones they are? Join our team to learn, share with like minded folks the lush field of fresh herbs, vegetables and more awaiting your, good health.

Our research is obtained from well documented universities, teaching hospitals, pharmacopoeia, alternative & integrative medical societies around the globe and natural home gardeners.

We meet once a month at pre-arranged locations, to review finding and discuss.

On our blog, you may enter a question for our team to lend their support around a topic of related interest. You must register free, by email to join. If you would like a listing of suggested research study material as a reference for each monthly segment, you may forward your contact information, for a reply.

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You are what you eat, from your head to your feet.

Herbs to pep you up, Herbs calm you down, Herbs make you feel better

Sister Sunshine




1. Acne: Witch hazel is an astringent that can remove dirt and oil without drying skin. Treat blemishes with a cotton pad soaked in a witch hazel solution.
2. Blisters: Dry blisters by applying a gauze pad soaked in witch hazel, then covering with an adhesive bandage.
3. Insect bites: Relieve itching and swelling from bug bites with witch hazel. Apply a cotton pad soaked in the extract to the affected area.
4. Minor cuts: Also known as “nature’s Neosporin,” witch hazel is a natural antibacterial that will help treat minor wounds. Apply witch hazel extract directly to the affected area with a cotton pad or washcloth.
5. Deodorant: Pour witch hazel onto a cotton pad and dab under arms, letting it dry before dressing. For a scented solution, mix 3 tablespoons vodka with an essential oil blend (try 6 drops lavender, 8 drops cypress and 4 drops neroli) in a spray bottle and shake. Add 1⁄2 cup witch hazel and 1⁄4 cup rosewater; use daily.
6. Psoriasis: In Germany, witch hazel is a mainstream psoriasis treatment, and research proves its effects. Apply witch hazel cream to relieve this troublesome skin condition, as well as eczema and dermatitis. Note: Be sure to check with your health-care provider before altering any psoriasis treatment.
7. Sunburns: This anti-inflammatory can provide temporary sunburn relief, as well as help prevent skin from flaking. Gently apply a washcloth soaked in witch hazel extract or cream to burned skin.
8. Puffy eyes: Witch hazel can help tighten and refresh skin. Lay cotton balls doused in witch hazel on your eyes and relax for 15 minutes. 
  9. Toner: The tannins in witch hazel help it tone skin and tighten pores, leaving skin cooled and refreshed. To make a toner, combine equal parts distilled water and witch hazel, along with a few drops of tea tree oil (for its antimicrobial properties)

Alcohol based Sanitizer

Germs are everywhere. Bacteria lurks on the surface of your keyboard, in the air we breathe and in the water we drink. Though most germs are harmless because our bodies immune systems protect us from these tiny organisms, it is still important to practice healthy habits especially hand washing.

When you can’t wash your hands, be sure to keep a healthy hand sanitizer in your bag. A healthy, natural option is Aloe and Witch Hazel Hand Sanitizer combines ethyl alcohol, aloe vera and witch hazel to kill germs and soften hands. Witch hazel is used as an herbal remedy to cleanse skin. Witch Hazel also contains flavonoids, which contribute to its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties.





Fragrance Options

Cinnamon: Revered for it's spiritual uplifting abilities, refreshing, potent yet nurturing.

Peppermint: Nature's healer to relax the mind and body a calmative. 

Frank'n Myrrh: Spiritually uplifting used by priests and healers, as it serves as an elevator to calm and heal naturally.



                               MOTHER EARTH

We are at a new season in an ever changing world.

It's time to bring out the blanket's and secure windows

and door's in many northern locations. Some things to

keep in mind to help save you money insuring health

and wellness as winter moves in.

A. Update your thermostat, to a programmable one. This way you can mange the thermostat unit to save heat while you sleep and wake up to a toasty home in the morning.

B. Weatherize your Doors and Windows, cost averages around $100. yet you'll save more than $200. yearly.  First apply water based acrylic caulk to seal small leaks around doors and windows. Second apply weather stripping to your door frame to seal air leaks. Last apply shrink film to old windows, single pane windows. to keep cold air out and warm inside. 

C. Insulate Water Heater (Pipes) Cost $30. yearly savings $200. Exposed hot water pipes can lower temperatures at the tap by as many as 4 degrees. Insulating these exposed pipes on your water heater with foam sleeves or fiberglass cost less than $30. and will save 5 times in savings via heating cost. An insulating blanket for the tank of your water heater cost about $20. but will save you up to 9% on your heating bill.

D. Cover Wall Openings: wiring, outlets and outdoor faucets.


 Be sure to have on hand fresh and dried herbs, vegetables, and fruit which supports healthy immunity. One of my favorites is Dandelion leaves as it works wonders when eaten fresh at the onset


of a cold or flu, to help keep at bay. Green leafy vegetables as kale and spinach support immunity and a host of nature's best should be kept available in the event of inclement weather, for healthy bodies.


Product Support for Nutrition Sessions

Our nutrition sessions, will review many topics of food preparation.
You may connect to reliable suppliers to assist interest as a one stop shop.

Juicers and Dehydrators - Specialty kitchen appliances for nutritious and healthy food preparation including juicers, dehydrators, grain mills, smoothie blenders, yogurt makers and more.



Northern Lights

This is the season to carefully monitor the outside weather temperatures.
Frost will quickly turn to your best flowers and herbal beauties down
a display of wilted foliage. Be prepared to cover the base of tree's and some
shrubbery as a protection to help them to recover from the harsh winter.


You are what you eat, from you head to your feet

In our region we grow lots of corn-maize. Corn has many uses: as a food for humans, animals and oil for cooking.


Compost Bin by Home Depot Garden Club

1. Layer materials high in carbon, such as lawn clippings and green plants, with materials high in nitrogen, such as manure, alfalfa meal and hay. Almost any organic material can be added, including food scraps, egg shells, tea leaves and coffee grounds. Never add chemically treated wood, diseased plants, human or pet waste, meat bones, fatty foods or weeds. Add water regularly during this compost-building process and let it trickle into a pile to help get rid of air pockets.
2. Turn it, speed the process by turning the pile with a pitchfork once a week and adding fresh manure. Mixing it allows oxygen into the center of the pile, encouraging the growth of bacteria and fungi, which break down organic material. Regularly turned organic matter will become finished compost in 4-8 months.
3. Break it down, compost is ready when it is dark and crumbly with an earthly smell. Sift to separate material that hasn't finished composting. Those pieces will continue to decompose in your garden; the smaller the pieces, the faster they will break down.
4. Spread it, once it's ready, work the compost into soil to give it an organic boost before planting. Spread it on the soil's surface as mulch, on flower beds and around base of landscape plants. Compost may also be used as a top dressing for lawns or as an ingredient in potting mixes.
For more information about helpful growing tips check this site:



You are what you eat from your head to your feet. Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity disorder are no exception. We will continue this topic through the month.
If you have any questions please send an email to
RelaxationAlchemy for a reply.


Healthy Kidney's

Healthy Kidneys
The healthy balance of our body’s chemistry is due in large part to the work of two organs, the kidneys. These bean-shaped organs are located just above the waist in your back and are partially protected by the ribs. Each kidney is about the size of your fist.

Healthy kidneys get rid of waste products and extra water. These waste products are substances formed from the breakdown of protein in the foods you eat and from normal muscle activity. Waste products and extra water are removed from the body as urine.

The entire body’s blood supply circulates through the kidneys every two minutes. Inside each kidney are approximately one million tiny units called nephrons. Nephrons filter and remove the excess fluid and waste products from the blood. The excess fluid and waste products filtered out of the kidneys are excreted as urine, which travel through tubes called ureters into the bladder. The bladder is the storage sac for urine. Urine is eventually carried from the body through the urethra, a tube-like structure leading to the opening from which you urinate. Healthy kidneys can remove about one to two quarts of urine a day.

Normal working kidneys have other jobs too. They make chemicals called hormones that help you to make red blood cells, build strong bones, and keep your blood pressure under control.

When kidneys are healthy and functioning normally, these major kidney functions will continue. Our survival depends on these vital organs, even though you can live a normal life with only one kidney. When kidneys fail, waste products that are harmful to your body build up and make you feel sick. This buildup in the blood happens because the kidneys can no longer get rid of waste products in your body. This waste products buildup is called uremia. If your kidneys are not functioning normally and you have been told you have kidney disease, click on kidney disease for more information that will help you understand this disease.

Diet Matters

Healthy kidneys get rid of the wastes that comes from food once the body has used all of the nutrition in it. When kidneys no longer work properly, it is often necessary to change the way a person eats.

The diet needed for kidney failure depends on several things:

The kind of kidney disease
The stage of kidney failure-early, middle, or late
The kind of dialysis chosen
Whether or not diabetes is also present
Height and weight
Activity level
Amount of urine output

A Dietitian is trained to evaluate all of these components and make the diet specific to each individual.
Nutrients to Know

Although every person needs their own specific diet, there are several nutrients that all renal diets include. Some nutrients are more or less important depending on whether you are a hemodialysis patient or PD patient. In general, there are less dietary restrictions for PD patients.

The common nutrients are:

Calcium and phosphorus

Learning to read labels and knowing which foods contain the largest amounts of these nutrients will help you follow the renal diet. Here is a closer look at these nutrients.

Calcium and phosphorus, in the right balance, work together in the body to keep your teeth and bones strong and a change in one can cause a change in the other. If the kidneys fail, phosphorus may build up in your blood. Less phosphorus must be eaten for meals and snacks. It is also usually necessary to take a phosphorus binder with meals and snacks. This is a medicine used to grab hold of the phosphorus in the food and keep it from getting into the blood. A high phosphorus level in the blood can cause many problems including itching, bone pain, brittle bones, muscle aches and heart damage. A calcium supplement may also be needed to keep your bones strong.

Sodium is found in the diet, most commonly, as salt. Limiting salt helps control blood pressure and fluid buildup. In addition to the salt shaker, there are other sources of high sodium foods such as processed meats including bacon, sausage and luncheon meats. Snack foods, canned foods and frozen prepared meals also contain large amounts of salt.

Fluids in the diet are beverages such as water, milk and juice as well as foods that melt at room temperature such as ice cream. Since the kidneys are making much less urine or no urine at all, fluids need to be limited. Limiting fluids helps control blood pressure and puts less strain on the heart, which has to pump that fluid throughout the body.

Potassium is a mineral present in many fruits and vegetables as well as in meat and dairy products. If your kidneys do not work well, potassium can build up in the blood. Too much or too little potassium in the diet can affect the muscles in the body, particularly the heart.

Protein is needed daily to build muscles, repair tissues, fight infection and replace the protein lost from dialysis. Protein is the nutrient most needed to prevent malnutrition. Protein is present in many food items, but the highest quality protein comes from beef, pork, poultry, seafood and eggs. Well-nourished patients do better on dialysis, get sick less often and live longer.

Calories are needed to supply energy and to maintain weight. Calories come from all the foods you eat, including proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Calories are a concern if weight is too low or too high. Sometimes special liquid supplements are needed to provide enough calories to maintain weight or regain lost weight. Weight loss diets, in certain cases, are a consideration when being overweight is affecting your health.

The renal diet can be challenging. Dietitians, with highly specialized training, are available to provide a personalized diet and give information on how to use this diet. For further information on the right diet for your individual needs, consult a Dietitian.

Reference from: Fresenius Medical Care North America


Herbs, Juices, Spices that are beneficial to the Kidneys

Dandelion, a powerful diuretic, whcih acts as a blood purifier.
Couch Grass, Used to treat gout, rheumatic disorders, chronic skin disorders, urinary tract bladder & kidneys.
Corn Silk, A diuretic that provides potassium. This herb encourages urination. The risk of muscle cramps or irregular heartbeat is less than for conventional diuretics.
Uva Ursi, The active ingredient in this herb, known as arbutin, has an antiseptic action in the urinary tract that has proven to be effective against E.Coli infections. Uva ursi may also prevent bleeding that stems from urinary tract infections. Uric acid accumulation may be reduced with the use of this herb. Safe in moderation. Do not take if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure, and not to children under 12 years.

Carrot, beet & cucumber
Carrot & spinach
Carrot, Celery & Parsley
Carrot, Beet & Cocoanut
Carrot & Parsley

Bay Leaf

December's Anatomical Study Kidney's

Located just below the ribs, there are usually two bean shaped organs called kidneys, one on each side of the spine. These small organs are responsible for removing approximately 2 quarts of excess water and waste from the blood each day. Keeping kidneys healthy is important for the proper detoxification of our bodies on a daily basis. Using herbs to support these vital organs may be worth considering.


NOVEMBER Herbs, Juicing & Spicing

Juices, that support the natural body chemistry of the liver.
Are important as a means to generally tune up from the excess, over consumption of devitalized, concentrated starches, sugars, fats meats, beer wine and liquor. All of which over work and burden the natural rhythm and function of the liver. In contrast, with the consumption and use of freshly prepared juices build up the internal body and immune system.

Recommended juice combination:
Carrot, beet, cucumber
Carrot, spinach
Carrot, beet, coconut
Carrot, celery, parsley
Carrot, dandelion, lettuce

Milk Thistle-high potency herb to detox
Red Clover- Stimulates the immune. (people taking Coumarin are cautioned against as it may have harmful effects).
Dandelion- diuretic to cleanse system.

Turmeric- A blood cleanser, good as an anti-inflammatory and serves to help concerns from Alzheimer's to cancer.

The information contained on this site is to serve for informational purpose only and should not be used to treat any condition. If you are ill see your doctor.

The Harvest To Cleanse Our Liver

The harvest season has long been known as a time analyze,
and reflect on one's internal system. As we are now, in the midst of the season, we turn back the clock to nestle back as mother earth does her thing.
Our focus this month is on the large vascular glandular organ in the body is the study of  the liver.  Occupying the upper right portion of the abdominal cavity. It secretes bile and causes important changes in many substances contained in the blood which passes through it (as by converting sugars into glycogen which stores up until required and by forming urea).



                     Integument/Skin System
To keep your body healthy you must ensure that skin is clean and the pores are not blocked by debris.
Cleanser: Calendula an herb is gentle and multi purposed. Cooling and soothing to the skin is an excellent additive to soaps and creams. It improves dryness, skin rashes, and diaper irritations and other disorders. Available in tea, tinctures, and extracts.

Special conditions: Acne or problem skin may benefit from using Neem, it is recommended from Ayurvedic medicine for skin care as it gives relief for antibacterial, antifungal type conditions.

Dry Skin: To hydrate use of Shea Butter, and almond oil to name a couple.

To aid Wrinkles: Aloe vera, is a potent natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids. The thick juice from a leaf of aloe may be rubbed on as a beauty treatment to nurish the skin and diminish wrinkles. Or you may use a high quality Aloe gel available at most health food stores. Wash the skin with a light mixture of warm water-3 parts and 1 part vinegar, rinse, then rub on the aloe gel.You may allow this to stay on during the night. Aloe Vera is also beneficial internally.

Number one carrot juice, as it is a fine source of vitamin A. Which is a requirement for healthy skin.
Drink plenty of water.
Blueberries, are the highest source of antioxidants which protect the skin.
 Antioxidants and phy-to-chemicals, (plant source of nutrition). In blueberries neutralize DNA damaging free radicals, reducing cell damage, to help your skin look younger longer.

Research indicates that a balanced diet is important to good skin health. Proper digestion and regular elimination are vital for glowing skin. Spices that aid in digestion and are toxin hunters.
People that have Normal skin types, benefit by adding black pepper, ginger, and turmeric. Reddish skin benefits from cooling spices such as fennel and licorice. Fennel calms acidic stomachs and aids in digestion and assist eliminations to avoid unwanted breakouts.
Garlic, which has sulfur compounds helps detox the liver and promotes clear radiant skin.
Tune in to our program at:


October Nurture Skin with Nature's Tonic

Skin is the largest organ of the body. We are covered from head to toe. Which consist of hair, nails, skin and sweat glands. It's function involves the regulation of body temperature, pressure and pain sensation to also effect nerves.  To ensure healthy skin, it is important to eat foods that are packed full of vitamins, minerals, drink plenty of fluids and pure water.


Beneficial Natural Recommendations for The Stomach

Herbs; that are known support the stomach: fennel, peppermint, valerian.
Juices; that support: aloe vera, carrot, okra
Spices; cumin, turmeric, fennel.

Be sure to check with your health care professional before changing medications





During the month of September, we will discover some of the chief complaint's existing in the abdominal region and the surrounding area. Your investigation is not limited to just the stomach. You may include the affects from eating certain types of food and beneficial herbs, juices and spice readily available from the garden to your table.

August 2011

                                                    Lungs:  Herbs, Juicing and Spices
There are many herbs known to assist to keep the lungs healthy.  Generally it is most advantageous to cleanse the internal body with fresh live fruit, and vegetable juices, supported by herbs and spices that have a high antioxidant and anti bacterial content
The first herb of reference is Eucalyptus leaves, are crushed then made into a tea infused with hot water. The oil of eucalyptus is historically used combined with a solid grease or oil as petroleum, shea butter or olive oil mixed together, then rubbed on the chest wrapped or covered with  a warm cotton cloth or towel to allow the properties to penetrate in. This will loosen the mucus to expel.
Originally Eucalyptus was grown in Australia, currently it is grown through out the world. 
The second herb recommended by therapist in treating bronchi is Caraway. It is good for eliminating intestinal worms, anti-inflammatory properties antiseptic, diuretic and in new mothers increases the flow of milk for their babies. increases diuresis and eliminates gases owing to the fact that it is a strong caminative. Used as an infusion, poulices, powder, tincture.
Warning: Before starting a treatment based on caraway it is recommended to consult first with your doctor, as it may trigger an epilepsy states and overdose taken by pregnant women can lead to miscarriage.

Juices known to affect the lungs, are a mixture in combination of the following: Carrot & spinach, horseradish & lemon juice, carrot-beet & radish taken through out t he day and evening.   


BUTTERBUR Common Names Blatterdock, Bog rhubarb, Flapperdock, Western Coltsfoot

Butterbur is used to treat respiratory conditions as asthma, whooping cough and coughs resulting to other respiratory conditions and illnesses. It is used as a diuretic, sedative, and treatment for irritable bowel syndrome and arthritis. Research is current to the value to assist in migraine headaches, urinary tract spasms resulting from calculosis, prevention of gastric ulcers: seasonal allergic rhinitis.

Grows in the United States,  Europe and Asia, is a perennial.
Product availability capsules, cigarette, extract, fluid extract, fresh leaves.. 
Parts used: flowers, leaves, roots, stems.
There are precautions: Be sure to check with your primary care physician before beginning any new herbal product.
Actions: Anti-migraine, Antispasmodic, Anti-inflammatory, Carcinogenesis. Studies have shown that Butterbur, may be used for seasonal allergic rhinitis, without sedative effects of traditional antihistamines.



Seasonal warm months impose upon us many unhealthy environmental pollutants, pesticides, fuel emission, waste contaminates and more. Winter, brings its' own collection of concerns as temperatures yo-yo relentlessly reeking havoc within.
To become armed with a plan, in the month of August, we shall begin to prepare our Wellness First Aid Kit, focusing upon herbs known to affect the lungs. We shall include juices and spices that serve to improve the respiratory system as our overall review.

Feel free to also to include an aromatherapy side note, or information that may relate to cleansing of the nasal passage in preparation to safeguard lungs. There has been a long history in ancient religious practices of the use of the Neti Pot including a method of nasal irrigation, where one sniffs' water from cupped hands and then blows it out to cleanse and rid the nasal passage of debri especially before prayer or as necessary.



Anatomical Area:Thoracic Vertibrae~Circulatory/Cardiac

Investigative teams, are expected to understand the anatomy of these areas posted. Research herbs, juicing, and spices as they effect our health. Note topics from journals, text, online sources and by speaking with professional in the fields of health, gardening, botany, food preparation, yet not limited to a truly exciting presentation, for your team.


A special gift, to be determine will be given to the most informative journal submitted by a Team Member, upon conclusion of this course next June 2011. To accompany their certificate of completion. Our program is free and open to all.

Registration is required, must be 18 years or parental permission is necessary.


JUNE Study Zone - Chin to Clavicle

June is a month that there are an abundant of fresh fruits and vegetables. People with certain conditions as hyper and hypo-thyroidism must be sure that they are eating correctly to serve the body.

Certain vegetables help heal, yet the over consumption of those same vegetables may overload your system. As a part of our investigative team this month it is important to understand which produce has an effect.

TEAM please identify vegetables that effect the thyroid..Hyper and Hypothyroidism you may post here.....

Rotator Cuff injuries, are a common athletic injury.

Glucosomine Sulfate, rebuilds cartilage and assist to relieve arthritic pain.

Eating fish can reduce some of the inflammatory affects.

What makes inflammation worst?

What juices would you recommend?

The Lymph system serves the body by removing toxins.

What herb, juice or spice, also serves to remove toxins?

What make inflammation worst? Over working the muscle and associated tissues. Upon range of motion usually pain is felt. Reduce consumption of sodium/salt (RDA 2,400 all day) as it may cause fluid retention, thus increasing pain, upon movement.
Juices: Lettuce builds muscles,
Herb: Alfalfa sprouts and herbs, aid in detoxing. Comfrey, mixed with as a poultice applied externally, to reduce swellings or bruises. It is also said to speed the recovery of broken bones. Celery juice is used to treat edema (swellings) anxiety and headaches
Spices:Coriander may be used for it's calmative effects. Celery seeds powdered reduces swelling as well.

Often the foods that we eat and serve our families, may not be what the doctor ordered. Certain conditions as hyperthyroidism-overactive, or hypothyroidism-underactive are effected by foods in the cabbage family.
If you enjoy Cole slaw as I do, be advised that if you know that your thyroid is under-active, then you should limit the quantity of cabbage family foods, as cabbage, kale, brussels sprouts, watercress & peanuts.
Cooking partially inactivates the interfering chemical, known medically as a goitrogen. Raw peanuts should never be eaten. Peanut butter is heated to a high enough degree that the goitrogens are destroyed.
It was stated that if you have an overactive thyroid, that you might want to add a little more of just this type of vegetation.

Reference Eat Right or Die Young, by Dr. Cass Ingram.
If you have more questions regarding this topic consult your physician.

Another point of interest found during this investigation was that fluoride harms your pineal gland, thyroid, kidney and liver, speeds aging including puberty. Be sure to keep up with local water resource information. Safe range is between ppm 0.65-1.41 the pineal glands holds in fluoride as an acumultive process, thus useless for your inner vision.

Stay well
Sister Sunshine


Essential for Good Nutrition

Eating healthy food's means' to eat what your body requires.

Our bodies come in all sizes and shapes, doesn't it makes sense that individually we should consume foods based upon personal need. It's not a one size fit's all. Exercise is required to burn off calories. If your lifestyle sedentary, this will effect's your daily dietary requirement for nutrients. The New Food Pyramid 05' is as follows:
Protein-Sources: Lean-meat- 6 ounces Woman

7 ounces Man
fish 2x weekly, beans, nuts, eggs-no more than 4 per week

2-3 servings
Dairy Sources: Milk, yogurt 8 ounces, cheese 1 ounce

2-3 servings
Vegetables: Gree leafy, yellow, white
1/2 cup 3-5 servings
Carbohydrates: Whole grains, brown rice, pasta's, cereals
1/2 cup 4-6 servings

Fruits Sources: Fresh, dried, canned

2-3 servings
Oils Sources: Olive, canola, butter, sugar-sweets,
use sparingly.
Water: 8/ 8 ounce glasses more, while working out or
on hot days.

Exercise: 30 minutes minimum per day.

3,500 calories= 1 pound to lose 1 pound a week you must reduce 500 calories daily.

Whether losing or gaining first evaluate your daily

consumption by writing down, in a journal everything that

you eat on an average day, then select the items that have the highest or lowest caloric content then eliminate and adjust your menu accordingly.

For more information visit

You may contact us for your personal

Nutritional Consultation.




Also known as Red Pepper & African Pepper

Medicinal : Improves circulation and hearing loss, stimulates sweating in the first stages of a cold, heals sore throats, relieves pain of arthritis and back aches. Capsicum the property in cayenne gives relieve to fibromyalgia sufferers, as it depletes, substance p, so that the pain is lessened. It is a powerful cardiovascular tonic and eases headaches when used as an ointment to rub on temples, has digestive enzymes to fight internal bacteria, accentuates positive digestive action and relieves gas.

Parts Used: Fruit Fresh & Dried
Form: Tincture, capsule, and tropical ointment.
Available forms: powdered, capsules, sprays, tinctures
for internal and external use
Assess: For excess as can cause irritation in some patients.
To Grow: Prefer's a temperture of 65 degree's F and above.
Ideal climate is 75 degree's daytime, 65 degree's nightime.
Peppers grow best in soil that is high in organic matter, do not over fertilize as this will cause the plant to grow large with few peppers. Hot peppers should be harvested wearing gloves as they can cause irritation to the skin.


Nature's Tonic


Raw Carrot Juice is a natural solvent, to cleanse for ulcerous and cancerous conditions. Carrot juice allows the body to become resistant to infections doing most efficient work in conjunction with the adrenal glands.
Carrot juice helps prevent infections of eyes, throat, tonsils, sinuses and more.
Carrot Juice, also protects the nervous system and is unequaled for increasing vitality.
People who live on fresh raw foods and juices according to some researchers, are known to have reduced incident's of developing cancer's.
Fertilizers effect the pulp of vegetation, however the juice remains unaffected due to it's chemical basis. Investing in a quality juicer is a recommended investment.

Juices store well in the freezer.

Stock up on your favorite's when in season


Clay Pot's

Creating a outside Garden is not always an option. Why, not design a quiet space on a balcony or patio?

Clay pots add color and tranquility. You may place
seeds, flowers and /or herbs with fragrance and flavor.

1) Choose a size clay pot to fit your needs, with a bottom to permit opening in the container for drainage.

2) Find a selection of rocks or broken clay from old pots for drainage at the bottom of the new pot.

3) Add organic or potting soil.

4) Plants or herbs to fit. You must decide if it is weather permitting for seedlings or already established plantings. Position plants in the pots.

Remember the ideal design has height at the center of the pot, or to drape

around the outside as they grow.

5) Water when dry, in the heat every day or every other. Feed with plant food every couple of weeks.

Most herbs, grow well in rich moist soil.



Abortifacient: A drug which causes abortion

Alterative: In medicine, this is a substance which gradually alters or changes condition. Often, it is a medicine that cures an illness by gradually restoring health.

Annual: A plant that completes a cycle of a development from germination of the seed through flowing and death in a single growing season.

Anodyne: A medicine that relieves pain.

Anthelminic: A medicine which expels or destroys intestinal worms. Such medicines are also called vermifuges.

Antidote: A medicine which counteracts the action of another,
particularly a poison.

Antiperiodic: A medicine which prevents the periodic return of attacks of a disease, such as a period fever.

Antipyretic: A medicine which tends to reduce or prevent a fever. Such medicines are also referred to as febrifuges and refrigerants.

Antiseptic: A substance that will destroy infection causing micro-organisms.

Antispasmodic: A medicine that relieves or prevents involuntary muscle spasms or cramps, such as epilepsy, spastic paralysis, painful menstruation and even "charley horses."

Aperient: A mild and gentle acting laxative medicine.

Aromatic: A substances with a spicy scent and pungent but pleasing taste. Aromatic herbs are useful for the fragrance
and are often added to medicines to improve their palatability. Just the fragrance and flavor alone can provide a psychological lift.

Astringent: A substance which causes the tissues to contract, thus checking the discharge of mucus, blood and the like.

Axil: The angle between a leaf or branch and the plant stem.


JUNE 2011


An Investigative Report form has been sent, check your email. Please make copies to continue our monthly course.
During the month our study plan is to select a vegetative product as herbs, vegetables, fruits or spices to research.

Individually our goal, is to identify all related benefits derived

from each selection. You may obtain the facts from text, online, journals and speaking with professionals in their related fields to include gardeners, landscapers and professionals. It is important to get their permission to quote them, to enter their information into our collection of data. Your submission will be part of our permanent record, available by request to all of our Team Detectives.

JUNE's Anatomical area is

Front:Chin to the Clavical

Back: Occipital to UpperThoracic area's

Reports are submitted monthly to permit to a composition, When completed the results of your finding's will be
forwarded to you.

Tools: Binder, Medical Dictionary with a photo of the human anatomy, herbal, vegetable and spice reference's.

Topic: Green Vegetation, Herbs, Juices or Spices, that benefits and/or effects the profiled area's at your personal option. As the information learned gains merit to you saved in your journal and by reaching out into the field your understanding enabling better health for you and your families. The form you will receive will serve as an iniatial guide however I am sure your personal development will permit you to enhance this one page beginning. Feel free to
include all evidence known globally that you would like to share in your report.
As a responsible team detective, is it only requested to forward one investigated product per month. You are not limited in any way not to explore additional topic's, or zones of your interest. As a convenience please save your finding until we cover that area. Feel free, to post on this site with questions, discoveries or to assist other team detectives with their findings or concerns should we develop on line in this manner.
A suggested reading list will be available as a thoughtful donation, available through Paypal $5.00 & credit card see tab.

Enjoy your descoveries Detectives

Sister Sunshine


Helpful Hints Eating After 6:00 PM

Eating meals in the evening, should include a program to exercise, burning off calories. If your not able to work off all of your edibles with exercise, then you should be sure eat light caloric foods. Vegetables and fluids as warm tea, are a great support to help you to feel full and add moisture into the digestive track.

Remember that all sweeteners are not the same. Sweet tonics, soda's and some juices contain more than water. Be sure to read the labels. Chocolates (low sugar ones) actually serves to curb appetites' in small doses. A researched report identifies that when 3 ounces of dark chocolate is consumed in a 30 day period will extend life for one year.

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Wellness Forum

Health is supported by your state of Mind, Body and Spiritual Doctrine

As your interest changes, with maturity as does your health. Your attention to the minute differences going on within, permits you to become proactive to your good health. Change ultimately effects that inner core of self for stability, harmony and that inner glo. Cause and effect either action or lack of action both creates a re-action. Good health vs Ill health.

Have you ever heard the saying that 'you are what you eat', well that include you too! Take a daily assessment of your dietary intake from morning til night. Identify the content of fatty, sugary over the top groups of unhealthy foods. Do you have nutritional goals? OK, let's try again tomorrow and trim back the carb's and empty caloric and bad food choices.

Are you sleeping well? Did you eat stimulating food or drink before retiring? Know that caffeine and citrus juice help to keep you awake, think about it. Usually we drink orange juice, to help pep up in the morning or around noon, to keep going through the day?

Stimulating foods and drinks have some of the same effect's upon system's in the evening. If one wants to get to sleep, stay way from these beverages. Switch to a cocoa drink a mild relaxant, use a mild sweetener as Stevia or honey.